What are our project rates?

Each translation is different. Varying file formats require varying processing steps and the translator's degree of expertise in the specialized subject can affect the processing time required. For this reason, it is not possible to give you any generalized rate indication.

The actual project costs are dependent upon the project size, the delivery deadline required and the degree of difficulty of the text, as well as the file format in which the source text is provided. We apply a surcharge in the case of urgent or weekend orders. The minimum order charge is 25 Euro.

Depending upon the order and service supplied, we work on the basis of a rate per word or per hour. In general, pure translation services are calculated on a word basis, taking into account the volume of the source text. All other services (e. g. reviewing and quality assurance) are calculated on an hourly basis.

We shall be delighted to provide you with a non-binding quotation at no charge. Please simply send us the material to be translated and rest assured that we shall treat all of your documents as being confidential.

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